Sustainability Strategic Approach

We believe in sustainable living, especially as an automotive supplier dedicated to reshaping mobility with responsible solutions. By using our resources wisely, we aim to ensure a better tomorrow. We are all interconnected and every living being is affected by the results of our activities. Living better together prompts us to adhere to high social and environmental standards as detailed in our Social Responsibility Policy.  Committed to the UN Global Compact principles, we strive to make every aspect of our work contribute to a sustainable future.

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Environment Protection

The Earth’s resources are limited and dwindling. The top risk for our planet is climate change and the consequence of this damage on the environment and loss of biodiversity.

We always look for the opportunities to reduce the consumption and to increase the resource efficiency. To limit these negative effects, we already started to generate our electricity from renewable and solar energy resources in our production plants to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Research & Development Team continuously searches for sustainable raw materials to develop our products with least environmental impact.


Social Responsibility & Cooperation

We take every action with our employees collectively to make a meaningful impact on our society.

We respect the labour and human rights as part of the essential nature of our activities. We care for the wellness of our employees and support our business partners to meet our expectations. We regulate and design our workplaces to reduce risk for preventing work accidents/illness.

"We dare to create" is our core value, bolstered by our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We strictly prohibit any form of discrimination and retaliation throughout all our processes.

The rise of living cost endangers lives, employee motivation and satisfaction. We keep across the minimum living wages in all locations.

In close collaboration with nonprofit organizations and other stakeholders, we organize various social campaigns such as blood donation, smoking cessation movement, donations for local schools, afforestation campaigns, clean up movement, etc.

We strongly advocate equal right to access to training and development opportunities.


The local schools and universities where we operate are our strong partners. We take part in their activities, have internship agreements with them and cooperate in joint research projects. The company representatives participate in the technical seminars and symposiums to enhance the information exchange between the industry & academy.



Corporate Business

We periodically review our business ethics rules to align with both national laws in the regions where we operate and international laws. Additionally, we have expanded the scope of our business ethics rules to include our suppliers.

We maintain data privacy standards at utmost level, in order to protect all forms of information and data of our employees and Business Partners.




We have taken the necessary safety measures to prevent major industrial accidents.

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